Alipur, South India

About Anjuman-E-Jafria, Alipur

Anjuman-e-Jafria Alipur is the biggest organization in Alipur and has been the backbone of the village since 1930. It serves the Shia Muslim community in Alipur, Karnataka, India, and is responsible for managing and addressing the needs of alipur. Click to know more about the Current managing team, Past president list, and Team formation of Anjuman.

The organization manages various community affairs, including education, health, Ashurkhanas, Masjids, and social welfare. It comprises several sub-organizations, including Imam Khomeini Medical Trust (IKMT), Dar Uz Zahra Alipur, Idara-e-Sajjadia Welfare Association Alipur, Al-Abbas Muslim Hostel Alipur, and a few schools.

The by-laws written by Mr. Late Mir Musthaq Ali, based on Islamic rules and the Indian constitution, serve as a testament to the organization’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical governance.

Over the years, Anjuman-e-Jafria Alipur has been led by several dedicated individuals who have played a vital role in its growth and development. From its inception until 1970, the organization was headed by Late Syed Sajjad Ali, who served as its first president, and Janab Late Taqu saheb and Janab Rahman Ali, who served as secretaries. Together, they led the organization for a remarkable 40 years, during which time they laid the foundation for its continued success.

The supreme body of Anjuman-e-Jafria Alipur is formed every three years with the help of patrons and ulmaas of Alipur. This process is unique in that there are no elections held to form the supreme body. Instead, the formation of the supreme body is based on mutual understanding and agreement among the community members.

From Vision to Reality: How Anjuman is Making a Difference


Our vision at Anjuman e Jafria (Registered) is to be a leading religious organization that serves the needs of Shia Muslims in Alipur, South India. We are dedicated to promoting the values and teachings of Islam, specifically within the Shia Ithna-Asheri Ja’ffari faith, while providing our members with the resources and support necessary to observe and practice their beliefs.


Our mission is to safeguard and advance the religious, moral, social, and educational interests of our members and their families. Through our work, we strive to promote their welfare and create a strong sense of community and unity among all members. We are committed to cultivating goodwill, amity, and understanding between members, and to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected.

Aims and Objectives:

At Anjuman e Jafria ®, our aims and objectives are simple yet powerful. We are dedicated to:

  • Promoting the teachings of Islam within the Shia Ithna-Asheri Ja’ffari faith
  • Providing facilities and resources to our members and their families to observe their beliefs
  • Safeguarding and advancing the religious, moral, social, and educational interests of our members
  • Promoting the welfare of our members and their families
  • Creating and maintaining goodwill, amity, and understanding between members Through our commitment to these objectives, we hope to serve our community and promote a strong sense of faith and unity among our members.