Alipur, South India

Chairmans of Alipur

Chairmans of Alipur, who have played a crucial role in the growth and development of our village. We are forever grateful for their unwavering support and commitment to the betterment of our community. Although some of them have departed, their contributions and wise words will always be remembered. In their honor, we kindly request you to recite Surah Fatiha. For those who are still with us, we pray for their continued health and a long life filled with happiness and prosperity.

List of Chairmans:

  • Janab Mohammed Hussain Saheb: 1950-1965
    Janab Hyder Hussain Saheb: 1965-1970
    Janab Turbath Hussain Saheb: 1970-19791979-1984
    1. Janab Mohammed Ali Saheb

    2. Janab Ismail Hussain Shafi SahebMandel Panchayath Scheme

    • Nanjappa – President
    • Janab Wajid Ali Saheb – Vice President

    1. Janab Ansar Ali Saheb
    2. Janab Mir Murtuza Ali Saheb


    1. Akram Raza
    2. Ilyas Ali
    3. Wife Of Janab Zayer Ali Saheb
    4. Wife Of Janab Tauheed Saheb


    1. Janab Abbas Raza Saheb
    2. Janab Mohammed Taqi Saheb
    3. Gopi (Pulganahalli)


    1. Wife Of Janab Adil Raza Saheb
    2. Wife Of Janab Aun Ali Saheb
    3. Janab Hassan Ali (Bapju)
    4. Janab Hamidul Hassan Saheb


    Abul Hassan

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