Alipur, South India

Ulmaas of Alipur

The revered Ulmaas of Alipur have been instrumental in shaping the spiritual and cultural identity of our village. Their profound knowledge and unwavering commitment to the teachings of Islam have guided our community towards righteousness and piety. Their continuous efforts have transformed Alipur into a vibrant hub of Islamic learning, attracting students and scholars from all corners. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Ulmaas are the backbone of our village, and the current state of Alipur owes a lot to their dedicated service and wisdom.

Ulmaas of Alipur:

  • Moulana Abbas Hussain Baaqri – First Aalim of Alipur & Founder of Daruz Zehra 
  • Moulana Syed Mohammed Zaki Baqri – Supreme Leader Of Alipur
  • Moulana Azhar Hussain 
  • Moulana Syed Abbas Abedi 
  • Moulana Syed Nabi Raza
  • Moulana Ali Baqar 
  • Moulana Mohammed Tasdeeq 
  • Moulana Akber Ali
  • Moulana Sarkar Ali Abedi
  • Moulana Syed Salman Abedi
  • Moulana Zayeem Raza Abedi
  • Moulana Manzoor Raza
  • Moulana Adeel Raza Abedi
  • Moulana Haseebul Hassan
  • Moulana Itayath Ali Abedi
  • Moulana Mehfooz Raza Abedi
  • Moulana Mohammed Raza
  • Moulana Mohammed Ali
  • Moulana Ali Reza
  • Moulana Qayim Abbas
  • Moulana Dilawar Hussain
  • Moulana Habeeb Baqri
  • Moulana Jawahar Abedi
  • Moulana Mohammed Raza
  • Moulana Mahfooz raza
  • Moulana Yousha Abedi
  • Moulana Dilawar ali
  • Moulana Sajjad Mehdi
  • Moulana Mudabbir Hussain
  • Moulana Soqlain Hyder
  • Moulana Mohammed Abbas Sajjadi
  • Moulana Zahid Ahmed 
  • Moulana Mohammed Rafi
  • Moulana Saalis
  • Moulana Nazar Hussain
  • Moulana Mujassim Abbas
  • Moulana Tamjeed Hyder
  • Moulana Irfan
  • Moulana Asger Ali

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