Alipur, South India

Shoras of Alipur

This is the list of beloved Shoras of Alipur. Though some have departed, their beautiful words and contributions to our village will never be forgotten. As a tribute, we kindly request you to recite Surah Fatiha in their honor. For those still with us, we pray for their continued health and long life. Thank you for honoring the legacy of our cherished poets.

List of Shoras:

  • Moulana Asadullah Ali (Tasdeeq Baqri) – First Poet Of Alipur 
  • Janab Hamid Baqri (late)
  • Janab Ali Raza (late)
  • Janab Qaja Hussain (late)
  • Janab Mushtaq Ali (late) (Mujahid Alipuri) – Founder Bazm-e-Misam Alipur 
  • Janab Saber Abedi (late) – Ex President Bazm-e-Misam Alipur
  • Janab Asad Abedi (late)
  • Janab Shafeeq Abedi – President Bazm-e-Misam Alipur 
  • Janab Tafazzul Hassan (Nasir Alipuri) – Vice President Bazm-e-Misam Alipur 
  • Janab Zahid Raza (Zahid Alipuri) – Secretary Bazm-e-Misam Alipur
  • Janab Yousuf Ali (Natiq Alipuri)
  • Janab Abbas Ali (Behlool Abedi)
  • Janab Hamid Baqri
  • Janab Gulam Raza Khan
  • Janab Dildar Ali
  • Janab Mohammed Baqir Rahmati
  • Janab Waiz Alipuri
  • Janab Tahammul Hassan (Nashir Alipuri)
  • Janab Taqiul Hassan (Nazir Alipuri)
  • Janab Taayid Alipuri
  • Janab Azeez Gazanfari
  • Janab Saber Hussain (Asar Jafri) – President of Alipur
  • Janab Mujeeb Alipuri
  • Janab S.T.Hassan
  • Janab Nisar Alipuri
  • Janab Mohsin Alipuri
  • Janab Irfan Iqbal
  • Janab Dabal Shahedi
  • Janab Mehdi Hassan
  • Janab Irfan Abbas (Jafar Alipuri)
  • Janab Mohammed Mehdi (Ammar Alipuri)
  • Janab Mohammed Agha (John Alipuri)
  • Janab Shayan Alipuri

Please Note:
We want to let you know that the list was last updated in 2018. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we haven’t been able to update it since then. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. However, we value your input and welcome any suggestions or modifications to the list. If you have any feedback or contributions to make, please feel free to email us at Thank you for your understanding and support.