Alipur, South India

Presidents of Houziye Ilmiya & Madrasa-E-Az Zahra (SA)

We are proud to present the list of Presidents of Houziye Ilmiya & Madrasa-E-Az Zahra (SA). These esteemed individuals have dedicated their lives to advancing Islamic education in Alipur, and their hard work has been instrumental in shaping the spiritual and intellectual growth of our community. Many scholars have flourished under their guidance and teachings, and we are forever grateful for their service. Let us take a moment to honor their legacy and express our gratitude for their unwavering commitment to Islam.

List of Presidents:

1996 – 2001

Moulana Adeel Raza Saheb Qibla
Total 35 Students

2002 – 2007
Moulana Mohammed Ali Saheb Qibla
Total 45 Students

2007 – 2017
Moulana Azhar Hussain Saheb Qibla
Total 75 Students

2017 to 2019
Moulana Qayeem Abbas Saheb Qibla
Total 55 Students

2019 – Present
Maulana Syed Itayath Ali Saheb Qibla
Total 65 Students

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