Alipur, South India

Ali Channel Alipur

Alipur is home to its very own television channel, the Ali Channel Alipur. The channel was established in 1995 and is registered as a public trust under the supervision of Anjuman-e-Jafaria, Alipur. The primary objective of the channel is to broadcast programs that provide true knowledge of Islam based on the teachings of the Prophet and Ahle Bait. In addition, the channel relays live discussions on social and current affairs of the community every week, as well as recorded religious ceremonies. The channel is currently available to 90% of homes in Alipur via a fiber cable network.

Furthermore, the Ali Channel has developed its own live streaming and mobile app to reach out to expats from Alipur.

The Ali Channel Committee manages the programs and infrastructure of the channel, with guidance from Imam Juma Jamaith of Alipur. This unique platform provides an opportunity for the community to stay informed about important events and developments, while also promoting the values and teachings of Islam.

Stay connected with the latest happenings and events in Alipur through the Ali Channel Alipur. The channel offers a comprehensive range of programs based on the teachings of Islam, as well as live discussions on social and current affairs of the community. To watch these programs and stay up-to-date with the latest events, viewers can visit the channel’s official YouTube page at The page features live streaming and recorded content, making it a convenient and accessible platform for anyone who wants to engage with the community and its values.