Alipur, South India

Advocates & Law Graduates of Alipur

The list below consists of the Advocates and Law Graduates of Alipur. Although the list may be short, these individuals have been instrumental in supporting Alipur in legal matters. From registration to drafting bylaws for various trusts, they have been helping our village in numerous ways. We are truly grateful for their dedication and hard work, and we will never forget their contributions. Whether they have departed or still with us, we kindly request everyone to recite Surah Fatiha in their honor and pray for their wellbeing.

List of Advocates & Law Graduates of Alipur:

      • Aijaz Hussain Johari – BSc, LL,B (Law Graduate)
      • Syed Aquil Raza – BSc, LLB (Advocate)
      • Syed Abu Mohammed – BAL, LLB (Advocate)

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