Alipur, South India

Al-Abbas Muslim Hostel Alipur

The History of Al-Abbas Muslim Hostel Alipur
The Al Abbas Educational and Welfare Trust was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing support and education to poor and orphaned students. Initially starting with just 10 students from Alipur in a rented house, the trust has since grown significantly. Thanks to the generous donation of one hectare of land by the community of Alipur, a purpose-built building was constructed by Sajjadiya Trust Canada under the supervision of the Imamia Education and Welfare Trust, Bangalore. The building was inaugurated on 20th January 2003 under the presidency of the late Mir Layak Ali Saheb.

The Al Abbas Muslim Hostel is now home to 70 students who are studying in different schools and colleges in Alipur. We take great pride in the hostel’s facilities, which include a very good mess with experienced chefs and a peaceful environment conducive to study and prayer. The hostel is equipped with a Namaz gah, where boarders can pray and study.

The hostel is supported by the contributions of dedicated members of the Alipur community and is overseen by the respected ulema of the Al-Balagh organization and the Imam-e-Jumma of Alipur. With our commitment to providing excellent facilities and meeting the needs of our boarders, the Al Abbas Muslim Hostel is an ideal place for students seeking an affordable and comfortable living environment while pursuing their education.