Alipur, South India

Hujjatul Islam Maulana Syed Zahid Ahmed Saheb Qibla - The 25th Imam Jumma Jama't of Masjid-E-Jafaria, Alipur

Meet Maulana Syed Zahid Ahmed Saheb Qibla, the 25th Imam Jumma Jama’t of Masjid-E-Jafaria in Alipur. He was appointed on Friday, 9th December 2022.

In the presence of esteemed personalities such as
Maulana Zaki Al Baqri Saheb Qibla (The Supreme Leader of Alipur)
Mohammed Aquil Raza (The President of AJA)
Mir Mohammed Rafi (Secretary of AJA)
Maulana Syed Itayath Ali (President of Al-Balagh Foundation)
Maulana Syed Hafiz Dilawar Hussain (Secretary of Al-Balagh Foundation).

With his vast knowledge and experience in Islamic studies, Maulana Syed Zahid Ahmed Saheb Qibla is a valuable asset to the Masjid-E-Jafaria and the community of Alipur. As the current Jumma Jama’t of Masjid-E-Jafaria, he is committed to guiding and serving the community with his wisdom and understanding of the Islamic faith.

Details of Maulana: 

Completed Basic Islamic Studies at Madrasa-E-Baqir Uloom, Alipur

Completed Higher Islamic Studies in Qom, Iran and attained a Master’s Degree in Economic Jurisprudence

Served as the Principal of Houziye Ilmia Baqri Uloom and Madrasa-E-Ilmia Al-Zahra (S.A), Alipur

Served as the Imam Jama’t of Houziye Ilmia Baqri Uloom, Alipur

Friday, 9th Dec 2022
Appointed as the 25th Imam Jumma Jama’t of Masjid-E-Jafaria, Alipur.