Jamia Masjid-e-Jafaria, Alipur, is one of the most important and respected institutions in our community. The Masjid complex comprises of separate prayer halls for men and women, courtyards, admin office, Imam Juma office, reading area, wazu khana, washrooms, and a dining hall.

The Masjid, which was founded approximately in 1780, underwent two major reconstructions in 1980 and 2018. Today, it has a capacity of 1500 people and sits on 31000 Sq ft of land. With a built-up area of 13500 Sq ft and two floors, the Masjid offers ample space to its visitors. The outside courtyard covers an area of approximately 6000 Sq ft.

The Masjid features a single Mihrab, two Minarates, and a single Dome with a diameter of 22ft and a height of 29ft roof. The Minarates stand at a height of 95ft from ground level, making them a striking feature of the Masjid. Additionally, the Masjid has one gate and three doors, offering easy access to the visitors.

The Masjid is managed by the Anjuman e Jafaria, Alipur, with Hon’ble President Syed Mohammed Aquil at the helm. The current Imam of the Masjid, Hujjatul Islam Maulana Syed Zahid Ahmed Saheb Qibla, delivers insightful and thought-provoking sermons every Friday. The Masjid’s current muezzin is Mohammed, and Sajjad manages its cleaning services.

Apart from religious services, the Masjid also offers several amenities, including power backup, security, CCTV, and a public address system. It ensures visitors’ safety and convenience at all times.

The Masjid complex’s geographic coordinates are 13.484991536612311 and 77.45809978840481, and you can find its location on Google Maps here:

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the Masjid by clicking on the links provided on our website. Experience the Masjid’s beauty and serenity from the comfort of your home. We hope you will visit Masjid-e-Jafaria soon and immerse yourself in its religious and cultural offerings.

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