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Dar Uz Zahra - Alipur Karnataka India

MOULANA ABBAS HUSSAIN AL-BAQRI He was ‘Syed’ by lineage and belonged to the Imam Mohammed Baqir a.s family tree. Moulana Abbas Hussain Saheb was the most important Shi’a scholar of 19th Century, Around 150yrs ago Hyderabad’s One Of Famous Scholar Sadr-ul-ulma Allama Gulam Hussain Al-Baqiri Came to Alipur, Moulana saw there was lack of Islamic knowledge in Town, He Decided to Send His Most Favorite Student & his brother Moulana md Askari’s son Moulana Asadullah AL-BAQRI, He (Moulana Asadullah) came to Alipur & Did major contributions towards Society He focus on Masjid & ImamBargah foundations first, He Stopped Many wrong Traditions( #reeti_Rewaj ) Such As Band (#nakare_dhool ) in Ayame aza & Weddings, He start traveling around Mysore State for Tableeq, During his Mysore Visit He died due To flu at the age of 36, All Family Resposibility Came on Moulana Abbas Hussain shoulders at the time he was just 9yrs old His maternal Uncle Zaman ali help him and ask him to continue his fathers path then Moulana decided To take such a big Resposibility on his tiny shoulders He received his early education L.S from Gowribidnur then he moved to Hyderabad He Studied Thier Under Allama Gulam hussain for yrs, when he return back to Alipur he was 22, When he’s back to Alipur the situation is worst then he expected, Due to no scholar/Aalim in Alipur For Such Long Periods (1900-1920) Alipur was All Most Changed compare to his fathers period, Here it was a big challenge on Moulana mousuf, He started his work not only guiding Alipuriens but whole karnataka shia’s, Thier was no Aalim other than Moulana mausoof in state, He Extend his work he start visiting all places around karnataka, Alipur, Mysore, Bangalore, holenarsipur, karimpur, potanahalli, bidar, tamlur etc. He did Tableeq for almost 8 decade’s, One of His major work he Founded Daruz zehra Alipur & He also started a Majalises in bibi Zehra s.a shahadat, popular by maqsoosi where peoples from all over India visits Alipur to take part in it.

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